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13 Snow Leopard Sightings in 9 Days! ユキヒョウ

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I just returned from leading the first of two snow leopard expeditions in Hemis National Park, Ladakh, India. We spotted a total of 13 snow leopards, including two sets of mothers with 2 cubs each.
The audio is interviews with the two top snow leopard trackers on earth- Khenrab Phuntsog and Dorjai Stanzin who have spent over twenty years researching and protecting these incredible big cats and their habitat in Hemis National Park.
Responsible ecotourism is a fantastic way to ensure the conservation of snow leopards, as it puts an economic value on healthy populations of the super endangered cats and their prey species- Ibex and urial, argali and blue sheep. email me at bradjosephs@hotmail.com to join an expedition in 2021 to see snow leopards in the wild. In doing so, you will help keep snow leopards alive in the wild.
see also- https://voygr.com/snow-leopard-expedition-with-brad-josephs/
снежный барс, Schneeleopard, 雪豹,
ユキヒョウ, ユキヒョウの疾走感溢れる狩りの様子何でここ選んだ
brad josephs, voygr expeditions

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