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Harvesting food In South Africa - Episode 1(WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT)

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In episode 1 of our 3 part series you'll see the Cold Steel crew showing just how deadly our plastic broadheads are. Link below. We spent 3 weeks in the Limpopo Province with Dries Visser Safari's and had one hell of a great trip. We understand that this footage can be graphic and upsetting to some people. We sympathize with you, but we also know the importance of knowing how our food is harvested and animals are treated during the process. These are not faceless animals coming from the frozen aisle of our local grocery store. They are open range, they are healthy, they aren't being stuffed with antibiotics and steroids, and they were killed as humanely as possible. They weren't marched into a slaughterhouse where they get in line to die, they were taken by surprise and taken cleanly. All that being said, we know this video isn't for everyone and we know we can't please everyone. Please proceed with caution.

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